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Our Story

Hi, I’m Jeremy I’m one of the co-owners of Elevate business and marketing solutions along with my best friend and wife Sarah. While we founded Elevate in 2023, we are not new to the world of business coaching and consultation.


In September of 2014 Sarah founded her own mission-driven helping business – a therapy practice which also eventually evolved to include intuitive coaching, energy healing, and a few other heart-centered offers.  


Sarah was a lot like most business owners; she had minimal business, marketing, and sales skills, but a POWERFUL calling to help others heal. (she does have a minor in business, but honestly what “works” in business isn’t what she learned in college).


She focused on her mission, and learned the skills and mindset needed to succeed in her mission-driven business.


Within a few years her business reached 6 figures in annual revenue. And honestly, she would have grown my business much more quickly had she known what she knows now.

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With Sarah working on her own company I vicariously began learning everything she was teaching. Fast forward to 2023 we began talking about how we could make her business even better. 

She needed help with sales pages and copy writing because they are time consuming. She could do all of this on her own but she needed help to make more time for her business. I chimed in said maybe it's something I could do. 

I've already written 6 novels and self published 3. I've always loved writing but never thought I could make it profitable. As a 13 year veteran in law enforcement and a veteran in the Army, every day I was writing reports on what I did or what occurred. I took pride in my police reports and passed down the knowledge I learned in my many years to new officers just starting out, giving them a huge jump start. 

Now I am redirecting my focus and have taken trainings on Copy Writing. From there I began working on websites to effectively convey the language and the feel clients want to express with their webpages. 

I never knew something outside of what I do everyday could be fun and engaging. I like a good challenge and found it here. 

Now our goal is to have enough time, money, and freedom to travel the world all while being fully self-employed and helping others (and raising our daughters, and hanging out with our doodle and poodle).

My mission is to help you elevate your business and your impact, because together we are making the world a better place.


We originally envisioned having two business that integrated together. Now we decided they are two separate entities with me running Elevate. 


Here at Elevate we are dedicated to helping as many mission driven business owners to thrive, all while helping others through a variety of done with you and done for you services.


I have created a customized and results focused solution to help you go from where you’re at, to where you want to be because we know that when you are thriving you can elevate your impact in the world.


At Elevate, I am here to provide support in areas of your business that you don't want to do. The time consuming aspects. With my support it gives you time to focus on your own mission. 

Who We Help

We work with anyone that wants to grow their business, elevate their impact, and make more money, all while living your best life too!


We know that you are not in business “just” to make money, you are in business to create a positive impact in the world.


You’ve also learned (hopefully not the hard way) that your business needs to be YOU first – in all ways – so that you can continue to help others long term.

Our past clients come from a variety of industries,

including (but not limited to): , reiki practicioners and other energy healers, intuitives, coaches, consultants, therapists,  website developers, social media managers, academic coaches, Virtual Assistants, OBMs, sleep consultants, and so on.


We work with both in person businesses (brick and mortar) and online business owners (although all of our services are delivered virtually).


Some of our clients offer 1:1 sessions and packages; others run agencies, group programs, or offer digital products and services.


Our clients have ranged from “just starting out” to 7 figure entrepreneurs.


Basically, if you are in business because you want to help others and make the world a better place, you are “our people”.


We offer a variety of ways to work with you to reach your goals. You can check out our full Done-For-You Service Menu here.


We also believe in making sure that we are the right fit support for your business goals. If you aren’t quite sure whether or not we are the right fit, we recommend contacting us using the chat button on the bottom right to make sure we that we are the right fit for you. We are more than happy to refer you to a colleague or resource that is better suited for you if appropriate.


And rest assured, if at any point we feel we are not the right fit for your needs, we will let you know. That’s the beauty of working with fellow business owners who are ALSO results focused – we care about you and your success more than “getting another client”.

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