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Intentional Lifestyle Design

I’m laying here on my couch with my Goldendoodle Bob on a Wednesday afternoon, right in the middle of the "workday" for most people, and I had a moment—

I remembered so clearly how my life wasn’t always this amazing, and Wednesdays used to feel terrible, and now here I am, just lazily enjoying a Wednesday afternoon, all while my business is thriving more than ever before.

I remember years ago--I used to wake up at the crack of dawn and drag myself out of bed to get ready for a job that I didn’t 100% love (read:#burnoutcity). I would drop the kiddos off at daycare or school, and make the 45 minute commute, where I worked myself to the point of exhaustion for literally poverty-level income (my masters degree is in social work, one of the lowest paid—yet super highly trained—careers out there). And then I would come home exhausted, with barely any energy to get everything done to manage the home, our police family, get the kiddos situated, and heaven forbid sit down for a dang minute and actually enjoy life.

THEN, during the first several years of being self employed and running my own business, I subconsciously recreated so many rules for myself that were just as toxic as my non-profit job! (Can you relate?!). I would work long hours, and for years I actually took LESS Time off and did LESS things for myself than I did when I was employed by someone else. It took me years of self-imposed rules, restrictions, and unexamined definitions of work, success, business, and "productivity" to see that something needed to change. Finally, years later, something had to give, and I learned how to intentionally create my lifestyle FIRST, then create my business around that desired lifestyle.

And now here I am, years later just sitting in my pjs on my MacBook on a random Wednesday afternoon, casually and joyfully writing this blog for you to read.

I just woke up from a post-meditation nap, before that I leisurely was hanging out at the local cafe, and earlier this morning (after sleeping in a bit) my kiddos, hubby and I spent the morning getting passports for our trip later this year to Playa del Carmen (a JUNGLE resort)! Something we never could have afforded when I was in a 9-5 all those years ago, or even when I was working myself to death in those earlier years of business.

I’ve been helping others as a (former) therapist, spiritual life coach, business coach & consultant, energy healer, and intuitive since 2010, and in 2014 started my business, and in February 2016 left my full time job to be fully self-employed, as my business grew very rapidly.

Earlier on in business, I still worked WAY too hard, and without intentionally designing my life and business, I was still always broke when it came to my own free time, money, and energy. (yes even in the six figure range, I hadn't intentionally set my business up to serve ME, which is why I was still broke with regards to $$, time, and energy at the end of the day.)

This week is a little different than usual because it’s spring break for the kiddos, but actually EVERY Wednesday looks like this. Wednesdays are my do-whatever-the-F-I-WANT-day.

I take Wednesdays off from any client meetings or anything that I HAVE to do, so that I can decide how I WANT to spend my mid-week day. Some Wednesdays, I work on programs, write an email or social media post, start a new blog (today!), balance my checkbook, catch up on messages & emails, organize my office.

Other Wednesdays I hit the gym early, clean the house, and get home-based tasks taken care of. Some Wednesdays, I completely check out of business and “adulting” (except for checking in with my VIP clients, I check in once a day on voxer). Most Wednesdays are a mix of all of the above. I truly let myself do whatever I want on Wednesdays.

The rest of the week, I only work between 10-3 on average on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays. Some days, I start later, some days I end a little later. I work REALLY hard to create time-freedom; I am always reflecting to make sure that I haven't unintentionally recreated the fast-paced, GO GO GO energy that the world seems to operate from.

I remember seeing a post recently where one friend took a bath in the middle of the day, another friend took half of a day off, and another friend went to a mid-day movie, and thought to myself, OH MY GOSH, I forget that people DON'T intentionally live by lifestyle design.Of course people in traditional jobs corporate, and non-profits have a harder time intentionally designing their lives with ALL of the freedom and decision making; but us entrepreneurs have NO excuse.

Us entrepreneurs and self-employed folks literally get to create whatever we want, yet so many people still don't live by intentional design. And if this is you, you are totally missing out, and so are your clients...keep reading to see why.

I remember a time where I thought that the only way to succeed in a career or business was to work my a** off every day, or at least, when it was a “work day” I had to be super “productive” all of the time.

Earlier in my business, I burned out repeatedly because of this mindset, and usually ended up spending all of my extra profit I made from working harder on things like therapy, massage, energy work, and supplements just to manage such a stressful life.

And while self care supports are wonderful, the irony is that these days, as I have intentionally designed my lifestyle and business, I don’t NEED reiki once or twice a month, or therapy, or all of the hundreds of dollars of supplements. Sure I still invest in self care, but it’s no longer some bandaid to make up for the overwork and burnout I was creating by default.

These days I live by INTENTIONAL lifestyle design; meaning, I decided how I WANT my life to look, and then designed my business, offers, and everything else around this desire and vision.

The irony? Since I’ve healed my relationship with workaholism, burnout, and the need to be “productive” all of the time, my revenue skyrocketed into the six figures, easily--NOT from working harder, self-sacrifice and being "productive".

Sure, I was able to reach these revenue goals before healing the inner stuff, and before lifestyle design, but it wasn’t sustainable. I remember when my healing center was bringing in consistent 12 & 14k months, but I was so exhausted and burned out and depressed that I didn’t want to get out of bed.

And don’t get me wrong, I love work. My work is my passion; I am always thinking about how to better serve my clients, my next project, or how to optimize what I’m already offering.

Some nights and weekends, I’m on my computer working on something I’m excited about, but I’m working because I want to at that time. I have intentionally created a thriving business that Is based on my wants, needs, and desires, and I serve my clients from that space.

So through intentional lifestyle design, and getting super clear about my business model and how I can help, I was able to:

  • Heal my burnout and naturally return to a state of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness

  • I’m excited to get up each day, most days I am naturally excited and ready to go super early, rather than dreading my life and hitting the snooze button.

  • My revenue went up exponentially. I’m talking about making what I used to make in a month sometimes in a DAY (sometimes even more), all while continuing to help others and create a business from my desire to serve & help others.

  • I spend more time with my kiddos and family, AND, I really feel like my life serves ME.

  • We get to plan things like international vacations, and spring break adventures around the St. Louis area; daily adventures because I have the time freedom to do so. (again, because I designed my business and life intentionally)

  • AND, how I serve my clients—the quality of results they get and the quality of coaching & support they receive—improved dramatically. Not to sound too cocky, but I’ve always known that I’m really good at helping others, but now that I am living my best life too, and I’ve designed a lifestyle that serves ME first, the energy, vibration, and coaching support I bring to my clients is SERIOUSLY #nextlevel.

  • Plus, my creativity, intuition, problem solving, innovation have all skyrocketed, because I have the bandwidth, energy, and time to create, tune in, and optimize what I am offering.

So here’s the thing, my hope for you as you read this is to show you that you can intentionally design your life and business to serve you too. And yes, it is a process, but it is totally doable.

The first step is to get really clear on your vision for yourself, your life, and your business—including revenue goals and lifestyle design—and then taking consistent, strategic action over time to get there. This also includes getting really clear on what you DON'T want, which will become even louder and clearer as you focus on intentional lifestyle & business design.

Lots of inner work comes up – mindset sh*t, self-worth & deservingness stuff, you will need to deconstruct what you’ve learned about LIFE, work, living your dream life, how you spend your time/money/energy, and much much more.

AND, lots of outer adjustments will need to be made too, in your life, lifestyle, business, relationships, and more.

If this sounds like a lot, the good news is that creating your life & business intentionally with lifestyle design is a process, and simply requires us to focus on the next step ahead of us.

And also, this process can become even easier (and faster) when we get support. This is where I come in.

I help entrepreneurs at all levels of business (from starting out to 7 figure annual revenue range) to identify their goals & vision for their next chapter in life, business, impact, leadership, and success. Then we utilize this concept of Lifestyle Design to ensure that you are creating and growing from a space that serves you first.

I bring my experience from my own journey, along with over 12 years of experience helping others as a (formerly) licensed therapist, spiritual life coach, business coach consultant, energy healer & teacher, intuitive, and business owner. I blend all of these realms of knowledge & expertise together, along with astrology & human design (if desired) to help you reach your goals with Intentional Lifestyle & Business Design. I also use my intuitive gifts and abilities to guide our work together, tune in, and provide divine guidance to help empower you to empower yourself make the next decisions in your own life, business, and next chapter of leadership and success.

The name of the game here is really creating a life and business that serves YOU, too, not just your clients and everyone else. And to do so, it requires a return to your own desires, intuition, self-trust, and self-leadership. And the best part? EVERYONE WINS, even your clients.

Although I mostly work with entrepreneurs & business owners, I do still call myself a Life AND business coach for entrepreneurs, because I believe the two realms of life and business are inseparable.

Sure, you can create a successful business with high profit margins, helping LOTS of people, but if you’re miserable or hate your life, what’s the point?

And sure, you can create your dream lifestyle, but I know you ALSO want to be able to bring in the $$ to support your dreams, and that part of what makes your life whole is through service in your business and helping others.

Either way, as I wrap up this blog post from my cozy couch on a rainy spring Wednesday afternoon, I want to remind you that you have the ability to intentionally design lifestyle, too, at whatever level of business you are at.

Looking for help with your next level of life, business, leadership, and success? Hit the chat button on the bottom left corner and let's talk about where you're at and how we can help! to see if we are a good fit for your goals & next steps! If so, we can get started, or you can hop onto my waitlist and we can get started soon!

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